Thursday, January 3, 2013


So, as of right now I have no followers, but I want to change that. :) So I am going to have a 50 follower giveaway! I am giving away a book swag combo pack to a randomnly drawn follower AFTER I reach 50 followers! My goal is to reach 50 followers by this weekend so if you guys help do that you could win! Once you press that follow button you are automatically entered. :)

Everyone is welcomed to participate the contest is open to US only. Sorry, international postage is costly.


  1. I tried to hit the button ... but nothing happens. :-(

  2. Hi Leah: I just sent a comment. Did Cyberspace eat it? I'll try to re-invent it.
    I joined as a Follower (I think that was my 1st line), and was pleased to do it. The premise to your book looks interesting. I wish you the best and congratulations.
    I scrolled your page, and found the Giveaway. Fabulous. Ahem! I hope I'm on the receiving end of this book.
    With a smile on a 2nd try to comment


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