Friday, May 23, 2014

Facebook Like Giveaway!

Hey all! So I am doing a giveaway to generate likes for my facebook page. I'm really close to 100 likes which is awesome, but I am doing 150 like giveaway. I'm giving away a $5 amazon gift card to one of my facebook followers once I reach 150 likes on my page. To enter all you have to do is like my Books by J.D. Ravencroft page and once you have done that just post on the page saying you want to enter.

Facebook link:

eGift Card design preview

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Afextra Marketing Materials!

So...I got an email yesterday from Wal Mart and Vista print about a promotion that they were doing where you could get 250 business cards for free. That made me think why don't I get some Afextra cards? So I went onto the website and designed...

It's sooooo pretty! I can't wait to have them in my hands and start passing them out to people. Hopefully they should arrive in a week and a half. This is so exciting. Finally things are falling into place for Afextra's release. I plan on getting some posters and books marks made for giveaways during the blog tour, but I give out more info on that as it draws closer. Yay!

Monday, May 5, 2014

My First Teaser Tuesday!

Hey guys! a way to get everyone hyped up about Afextra I've decided to post my first Teaser Tuesday post. This tidbit is taken from Afextra's prologue. Remember, there is still editing to be done so please don't read this and critique it. I'm just wanting to give you a guys a taste of what's to come. Ok, enjoy!


             Nyla!” A deep, guttural voice yelled angrily in the distance. The sound sent birds scurrying from their perches in nearby trees and a spine tingling chill wrapping its cold grasp around the young woman. Nyla suppressed the scream that threatened to spill from her mouth. She began to run, she was now heading deeper into the forest, not even sure if she was heading the way the compass had directed. The sound of wings beating the air behind her filled her ears. They had found her and they would surely kill her and take her baby.
            “No use in running Nyla!” The voice said again. “That child belongs to The Order!” she ignored the words of the creatures chasing her and willed herself to run faster. Nyla rounded a corner, momentarily losing sight of her pursuers. Sweat beaded on her pale forehead causing her brown curly hair to stick to it, her bare feet ached from being exposed to the ground for so long.
            She looked around frantically for someplace to hide, her eyes landed on a thick bush nearby. Nyla ran to it and gently placed her baby down inside of the branches of the bush, being careful not to scratch the child’s tender ski
. Her hands shook as she pulled the thin, smooth fabric of the blanket over her baby. She leaned down and pressed a soft kiss to the child’s forehead.
“Someday, you will find out who you really are.” She whispered into the baby’s ear. “Someday, you will know the truth, but for now please know that I love you, and everything I have done has been for you.”
Nyla stood up straight and forced herself to turn away from the child, she fought back the tears that swelled in her eyes. She had promised to protect her baby from The Order at all costs, even if that meant she had to die doing it. Nyla pulled out a dagger she had concealed in her blue tattered dress and ran back the way she had come.

The frightened beating of Nyla’s heart seemed like it filled every inch of the once silent forest. She caught sight of her pursuers who were now heading towards her head on. She would fight for her child’s freedom at any cost. Nyla gripped the small dagger in her right hand as the reality set in that she was going up against The Order, the most powerful Fairies in the world. 

I hope you guys liked it. Please comment and tell me what you thought. Thanks!!! :)

Afextra Has a New Synopsis!

Hey all. So I've decided to give Afextra's synopsis a bit of an update and here it is...

For him to live, she must die. 

Lita Marr must choose between her life and the life of Kellen, the man she loves. She is the key to his race's survival and to his race's destruction, but Lita will do anything to be with him. 

Kellen Fiametta knew the moment he saw Lita that he wanted her, but their love is condemned. In a world of shadows, unearthly beings, and betrayal, their love will be put to the ultimate test. Just how far will one go to save the other?

It's not too different from the original synopsis. Hope you guys like it. :)

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Another Afextra Update

Hi all, so I just wanted to write this post to give you guys another update about Afextra. I know it has been a while, which I do apologize for, and I hate that it has taken me so long to bring this book. I started Afextra back in 2012 and I knew early on that this would be the first book I published. I wanted to do something different which is why I incorporated Gargoyles into the novel. Anyway, this post is just to kind of let you all know what happened over the past year that delayed me publishing my book.

First of all, my grandfather died suddenly which was really difficult for my family because he was my last living grandparent and the only one that I had really gotten to know. A little bit after he died my mother was hospitalized for a major health condition. She later went on to be hospitalized four more times last year and then again this year. She is not recovering and we pray that she has beat the condition that has been trying to take her life.

 Thankfully all of that is in the past and my focus is fully on Afextra and publishing it as soon as possible. Like I mentioned in my last post Afextra is due out October 2014, but I might be moving the release date up since things are moving quicker now than I expected them to. I plan on posting an Afextra Teaser on Tuesday so stay tuned. I'm really excited about everything and I hope that you guys are still excited to read this book because I am going to publish it ASAP.

Also, I am in the process of reorganizing the blog tour that I was putting together when I had first planned to release Afextra. I will be giving more details about that very soon. Thank you guys for hanging in there!